May 19, 2009

Virtual Book Tour Hiatus

I took a leave from the Virtual Book Tour group that I belong to. The illustrator for my first book, The Sister Exchange, crashed her computer and won’t have the artwork ready until July. Three of my other books are assigned to illustrators, but my publisher can’t give me a release date for any of them until she’s received the finished artwork. Originally, when I joined this group, I thought my book would be out by now. But with the unforeseen delays, it doesn’t make sense to be on a virtual book tour with no book to promote. So I’m going to sit out a few tours until I have a better idea of what’s going on. The moderator of the group, was very understanding of the whole situation and granted me the leave as long as I check in with her and let her know that I’m still interested in being a member. That definitely works for me. I found this group following last years Muse Online conference and I have definitely learned a lot since joining.

The authors there are serious and professional, and the group is still looking for new ways to promote its authors. So I definitely like the knowledge and the energy that I’ve found there and would hate to have to go looking for a new group once my books are out. I know that all groups are not created equal, so I want to stay with what works for me.

So right now I’m going to keep writing and be patient. Hopefully things will start moving along soon.

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