June 26, 2009

Poetry Anthology - Eyeball in my Garden

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was included in a poetry anthology but all the details weren’t worked out yet. It looks like everything has been finalized and we got the green light from the publisher to promote it all we want, so here it goes.

First a little background.

The members of my poetry critique group got together and decided to write a poetry anthology. We decided that the theme would be “Spooky”, probably because Halloween had just passed and a few of us wrote Halloween themed poems. We wrote and critiqued “Spooky” poems until our eyes crossed. The monumental job of assembling Project Spooky went to fellow members, Laura Wynkoop and Jennifer Judd, who then edited the project until their eyes crossed. They were also the ones who researched the markets and sent out queries, and I can’t thank them enough for their efforts. Marshall Cavendish read the sample poems and asked to see the entire thing. A few months of nail biting passed, then lo and behold…a contract. (insert sound of cheering and thunderous applause here)

Marshall Cavendish edited a few poems out and asked for some additional material. It was a tight schedule but we were able to come up with some more “Spooky” poems. I actually had about half a day to come up with a complete rework of one of my poems. But it was worth it. They took the final revisions and gave us a release date. Project Spooky is now titled…(drum roll please)

Eyeball in my Garden and Other Spine Tingling Poems.

This is coming out on Marshall Cavendish’s Fall list and will be available on July 15, 2010. I have two poems in it, Our Neighborhood and The Gargoyle.

When I get a copy of the cover I’ll post it here.

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