December 3, 2009

Into the Home Stretch

Well it looks like the moment I’ve been waiting for is finally arriving. I approved the galleys for If I Could Be Anything and it’s been sent off to the printers. As soon as the copy comes back and is approved by my publisher, I am officially published.

To coincide with this monumental occasion, I’ve also just about finished my website. I have all the games and activities loaded and I’ve been testing the links, the look of the site, and everything else. This is actually the second site I came up with. I designed the first site and threw it up on my web server. It completely crashed and burned. But I was able to salvage some text and graphics for my new site.

If you would like to take a sneek peek, my new website, please go to

Please be warned that this site is still under construction and I am working furiously to get this site ready to coincide with my book’s release. I’ll let everyone know when this site is officially launched.

After this site is launched, I plan on doing some more writing and having some champagne to celebrate my book’s release, but not necessarily in that order. :-)


Susie Sawyer said...

This is so exciting! Kevin, I can't wait to get a copy of your book for my kids. I've pre-ordered it at Amazon! :) I know this is the first of MANY books I'll be collecting from you. Congratulations, and keep up the amazing work! You're an inspiration!

Susie Sawyer

Kevin McNamee said...

Thank you for the kind words Susie. I really appreciate them :-)

Kit said...

Go Kevin,

kevin said...

Thanks Kit :-)