May 21, 2010

Virtual Book Tour - Martha Swirzinski

This month for the Virtual Book Tour, I am pleased to be hosting Martha Swirzinski. Martha is here to tell us about her Movement and More Children's Book Series.

Martha, please tell us about your books.

1.) Leap...Laugh...Plop

This book introduces children to locomotor movement skills. It keeps children laughing and learning on each wonderful page.

2.) Guess... Giggle...Wiggle

Guess… Giggle… Wiggle… challenges children to identify the animals based on clues. The book keeps children moving alongside the locomotor skills. As with the first in the series Leap… Laugh… Plop, each page of this second book is filled with wonderful suggestions that incorporate the social, emotional and mental aspects of childhood development.

3.) Kick...Catch...Buzzz

The third book In the series, Kick… Catch… Buzzz introduces children to the manipulative movement skills. Each page offers kids the opportunity to participate in fun movement and lively discussion.

Tell me about the title of the series and what that means to readers?

The title Movement and More suggests that within the pages of our books I offer not just fantastic rhymes and great pictures but moving, interacting, thinking and socializing. Our books engage the whole child, all of the domains of child development.

You mention “our” books. Who is the other author?

I co-wrote these with Dr. Anita Tieman, a psychologist, who has spent many years working with children. She brings her expertise into the social and emotional aspect of these books.

You have three books. Leap…Laugh…Plop, Guess…Giggle…Wiggle and Kick… Catch…Buzzz. Can you tell me a bit about them?

These three books offer the ultimate mind/body connection. When children move both their bodies and minds are strengthened. Using entertaining rhymes and charming pictures, these fun and creative books offer multiple ways for your child to move. They also provide mind stimulating activities on each page. Each book brings the joy of movement together with the joy of reading. The pages of these books are filled with laughter, learning, movement and more.
More specifically: Leap…Laugh…Plop works on all of the locomotor skills
Guess…Giggle…Wiggle… has the children doing creative movement
Kick…Catch…Buzzzz.. addresses the manipulative skills

Will there be any more in the series?

Yes, as a matter of fact we are working on the fourth now, which will be specifically on the non locomotor skills.

How did you come up with this idea for a series of books?

I teach in a preschool and have my Master’s degree in Kinesiology, so I’ve been involved with children and movement for over 15 years now. I wanted to come up with a way that parents, and teachers could incorporate the specific movement skills necessary for motor and brain development in an easy and fun way. Doing an activity isn’t always easy. Sometimes space, equipment or time may not be available. However, reading a book is fun, easy and doesn’t require much planning.

Where can readers find your books?

Our website is

Thanks for stopping by today Martha and letting us know more about you and your books.


Margaret Fieland said...

Martha, your books sound great .. and Kevin, thanks for the interesting interview.

Martha, all of my kids have fine motor skills delays of various kinds (as do I). Any suggestions on where to look for exercises? Thanks.

Vivian Zabel said...

These books will help parents help their children.

Thanks for an interesting interview.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

These books sound like fantastic gift ideas. What age group are they recommended for?

Darcia Helle said...

I love the cover for "Leap... Laugh... Plop"! All of the titles are catchy and the covers eye-catching. What a fun way to get kids thinking and moving.

kathy stemke said...

I love Martha's books! Many studies have proven that when children move as they learn thay develop stronger connections in the brain. Oh, by the way, they also have soooo much more fun as they learn! WAY TO GO MARTHA! I can't wait for number four in the series!

Katie Hines said...

Interesting concepts. I'm always amazed at the creativity that flows into creating these sorts of books. I certainly could never write something like this.

Karen Cioffi said...

Martha, your books are just what parents need to get their children learning with movement.

With television used as a babysitting device it's great that there are authors using their talents to get our kids moving.

I agree with Jane, your books are a great gift idea.

Virginia S Grenier said...

Wow, Martha, I love the concepts of your books. I'll have to tell my teaching friends. I have a little one who is very bouncy. I might just pick up a book or two for her as well.

Kevin McNamee said...

Thanks for the interesting interview Martha.

Accountant, Author & Freelance Writer said...

Martha, I love your books! Beautiful cover art and engaging writing. Great job :)

Martha said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Sorry to be late to my own party.
Kevin thanks so much for hosting me.
With big bright pictures and fun rhymes they are great for the very young ones all the way up to 6 years of age.
Kathy, I'm fine tuning number 4 as we speak
Once again thanks everyone

Helena Harper said...

I apologise for coming late to this post, Kevin.

I love the titles of Martha's books - they sound really great fun. I just wish I had known about them several years ago when my niece and nephew were a bit younger! As a teacher myself (though of secondary school aged children), I know how it helps to try and incorporate movement into lessons, even when you're teaching modern languages! I just wish the school system would give you more time to do that at the secondary level. Martha - could you tell us a little bit more about the 4th book?


Dallas said...

What a great post! Martha I will definitely be recommending your books! :)

Mayra Calvani said...

Thanks for the short but entertaining interview. It's just the right size for us busy writers. :-)