April 26, 2011

Nice Review at Stories for Children Magazine

Reviews are starting to come in for What Is That Thing? And I received a very nice one at Stories for Children Magazine. Ms. Irene Roth reviewed the book and had this to say:

Overall Thoughts:This is a heart-warming story of how a young child can accept a new member of the family. The illustrations are hilarious and witty. It will keep a child spellbound and captive.

I recommend the book to any child who has younger siblings or is about to accept the arrival of a new sibling. They will be able to laugh and also accept the little being into their lives, and even be very happy and enriched by the new little baby sister or brother.

One of the hard parts about being a writer is that many times, you work in a vacuum. You never really know how your work will be received. How great it is when someone else sees the value in it.

To see the full review, please click on the link below.


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