July 8, 2011

My Brother the Frog has been released

Whoo Hoo!  I am extremely happy to announce that My Brother the Frog has been released.  Below is the media release for this book.  :-)

M E D I A 

For Immediate Release

My Brother the Frog by Kevin McNamee: A Fun and Creative Approach to Sibling Rivalry

It’s a chicken! It’s a giraffe! It’s a penguin! It’s my brother? Humor and imagination come together in this entertaining picture book about sibling rivalry.

Sibling rivalry can be a problem in any family. But in this amusing story, a little brother deals with this dilemma in a most unusual way. He changes his brother into a frog. He does have a bit of trouble changing him back though. He manages to change his brother into a variety of animals until he finally gets it right. Meanwhile, he starts to realize how much he cares for his brother, and how much his brother cares for him.
Top notch illustrations by Alexander Morris bring the story to life and help make this book a welcome addition to any home or school library.

So while relationships with siblings may not always be perfect, this book points out some very good reasons to love your family … warts and all, especially if your brother just happens to be a frog.

This book is available as a print book, an E-book, or a book on CD from http://www.guardianangelpublishing.com/brother-frog.htm/

Books are also available from amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or ask your local bookstore.

Kevin McNamee is a writer and poet living in Yonkers, N.Y., and has never, ever changed anyone into a frog, although there were times that he really wanted to.

Other books by Kevin include: If I Could Be Anything, The Sister Exchange, Lightning Strikes, The Soggy Town of Hilltop and What Is That Thing?

Kevin’s poetry has been published in the collection, An Eyeball in My Garden: And Other Spine-Tingling Poems.

To find out more about Kevin, please visit his website at http://www.kevinmcnamee.com/ or his blog at http://www.kevinmcnameechildrensauthor.blogspot.com/.

Thank you for your time and interest.



Virginia S Grenier said...

Congrats Kevin and if you need a blog tour, let me know. I'd love to work something out for you.

Very cute book!

Nancy Stewart said...

Congratulations! This is terrific. It looks wonderful.

Kevin McNamee said...

Thanks Virginia! I just might be considering a blog tour. But I just need to see if my schedule will allow for one. :-)

Thanks again.


Kevin McNamee said...

Thank you so much for the congratulations and kind words about my book, Nancy. I appreciate it.



Sally said...

Congratulations Kevin! Keep writing :)

Kevin McNamee said...

Thank you, Sally. :-)