March 23, 2011

First Review for What Is That Thing?

I received my first review for What Is That Thing? from author Janet Ann Collins on her On Words blog. An excerpt of which is below:

“McNamee has done a great job of capturing what the experience of having a new sibling can be like.

Illustrator K.C. Snider provided colorful pictures that show both Jenna's imaginary adventures and the real world in a cute way.”

To read the full review, please follow this link

One criticism she had was that newborns don’t smile. But I respectfully disagreed with her and mentioned it in a comment on her blog.

My daughter smiled when she was a newborn, and there are plenty of others who will tell you that their babies started smiling right away. I’ll always remember that little toothless grin on her face when she was an infant. Even if it was gas, I’ll still take it. :-)

I even sent Ms. Collins a link to a parenting site to back me up. Because the last thing I want to happen is to give inaccurate information in my books. You can read more about this at the website below.


Susanne Drazic said...

I just checked out the review. Sounds like a cute book.

Kevin McNamee said...

Thanks Susanne :-)