March 7, 2011

What Is That Thing? has been released.

"It’s an alien from outer space! … It’s a strange and smelly creature! … It’s a mysterious, roaring animal! … It’s my baby sister?!"

Jenna uses her imagination to understand this new person in her life. When she finally sees things as they are, will Jenna like what she sees?

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my latest picture book with Guardian Angel Publishing. It is titled, What Is That Thing? This book deals with the arrival of a new baby. Jenna uses her imagination to try and figure out this new little person in her life, and to understand the changing family dynamics involved in having a new addition to the family. K.C. Snider did a terrific job with the illustrations.

This book is available as a print, book, ebook and book on CD from Guardian Angel Publishing at

and as a print book at at

I’ll be adding be adding new links for this book as they become available. This is so new, Amazon doesn’t have a picture for it yet. This book was a lot of fun to write. I hope people have just as much fun reading it.

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